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10xSecrets Overview

Russell Brunson on stage at the 10x Growth Conference in Las Vagas February 2018On the 23rd February 2018, entrepreneur Grant Cardone put on an event called 10x Growth Conference 2 in Las Vegas, which was about how to 10x the growth of your company in the next 12 months. Nine thousand entrepreneurs and salespeople attended that conference form all over the world with notable guest speakers such as Tai Lopez, Anik Singal, Hank Norman, Lewis Howes and Lori Harder, to name just a few.

Internet entrepreneur Russell Brunson was also invited to speak at the event about his software product, Clickfunnels and how it can transform any business to 10x their sales in as little as twelve months. Russell also had the intention that day to make an offer to the audience and sell his Clickfunnels software product as well as the training package offered.

What happened at the 10x Growth Conference?

When Russell Brunson gave his presentation on the second day of the event, he had a 90minute allotted window. However, what the audience didn’t know is that every second of his speech was finely scripted and choreographed with one goal in mind, which was to sell Clickfunnels to the audience.

The speech was so effective that after Russell had finished, people were actually getting up to run to buy Clickfunnels. Russell and his team had a goal of making $3M in Clickfunnels sales, however, they ended up doing over $3.2M in the 90-minute window that Russell was allotted.

Russell Brunson spoke to 9,000 people on that day and one out of 9 people purchased his product after his speech, which is staggering.

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10x Secrets is born

After Russell’s incredibly powerful speech, he sat down for a six-hour period and broke down exactly what he did and explained the game plan that he had devised with his team in order to have such a massive impact on the audience to get them to buy his product.

In this six-hour period, Russell broke down the strategy, the psychology, how he used persuasion, how they used micro commitments throughout the speech, how they did their trial closes and how they presented the offer in order to actually get people to take action. Basically, he laid out everything from start to finish that enabled them to sell over $3M of a product in just 90 minutes. This actually may also be a world record.

Now, and this is the exciting part, Russell is going to be releasing “this exact training” to teach you exactly what he does to sell products. He has compiled all of this solid gold information into a powerful, no-nonsense course he calls, 10x Secrets. Showing people how to sell to the masses.

What the 10x Secrets Masterclass teaches

Russell Brunson’s new product, 10x Secrets is a hard-hitting, no-nonsense course that teaches you exactly what you need to know to sell a product or products to the masses. In 10x Secrets you will learn;

  • Russell Brunson’s exact strategy for selling
  • How Russell uses psychology to sell a product
  • How to use persuasion to have a powerful influence on your audience
  • How to use micro commitments to get your audience sub-consciously invested in what you are saying
  • How to do trial closes to get your audience to the point of wanting to make a purchase
  • How to present your offer to make the audience feel that it is an absolute no-brainer to purchase a must-have product

If you’re a smart marketer then I’m sure, you, like me, have already figured out that you can absolutely use the information Russell teaches in 10x Secrets in more ways than one. You can use it in a presentation as Russell did, you can use it on a webinar, in business meetings or even in the written word in your blog posts and articles.

Current success people have had with Russell Brunson’s 10x Secrets

10x Secrets has not been officially released for general sale yet. However, for those attendees of the 10x Growth Conference 2 who have had the privilege of getting their hands on this information and actually applying it to their business is proving that Russell’s strategy and game plan is repeatable and replicable by others.

Russell has said they have had more success stories from people he has shown his presentation break down to than pretty much anything else he and his team has ever done so far, except for Clickfunnels. However, when you think how long some of his other products have been available for, products like DotComSecrets, Expert Secrets, Funnel Fridays, Marketing Secrets, Perfect Webinar and Software Secrets, and then comparing the success people have got from all of those products combined to the fact that so far, 10x Secrets has not even been officially released to the public yet, this is staggering.

Russell claims that 10x Secrets is so far the best information product he and his team have put together and will be an absolute game-changer for thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs.

The video below is the speech Russell gave at the 10x Growth Conference that enabled him to sell over $3.2M of one single product.

If you’re wondering where to buy 10x Secrets then watch this space, it will be available very soon. You, like us, might imagine the 10x Secrets price to be very high based on the results people are achieving with it. However, from observing Russell and his pricing structure on various other products over the years, we expect that he will still make it an affordable product for the majority of people out there so we are hoping it will not cost an arm and a leg.

About Russell Brunson

A picture of Russell Brunson the owner of 10x Secrets and ClickfunnelsRussell Brunson is a serial entrepreneur and over the past 10 years, he has built a following of entrepreneurs in the millions. Russell Brunson first started out online marketing in his early 20’s and by the age of 24 he was pulling in a humble $1,000 per month from his affiliate marketing business.

It wasn’t until he heard that another online marketer by the name of John Reese had just made $1M in a single day. Russel thought that if John Reese can make $1M in a day, then it should be possible for him to make $1M in one calendar year. In his third year of trying, Russell crossed the $1M mark in a single calendar year in August of 2007.

Today, Russell Brunson’s net worth is estimated at around $35-40 million. Russell’s company, DotComSecrets is said to have earned over $350 million.

Russell has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularised the concept of sales funnels, co-founded the software company, Clickfunnels that has grown to over $100M with more than 55,000 customers in just 3 years. Many people tip him as an affiliate marketing genius.

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