Russell Brunson onstage at Grant Cardone's 10x Growth Con, which lead to his new product, 10x SecretsEach time someone like Russell Brunson releases a new course, people on the internet always want to know if there is a free ebook download of the course. While many online courses are either in ebook format or come with an accompanying ebook, this products is slightly different.

The 10X Secrets Masterclass course is a six hour long video course of Russell Brunson personally showing you exactly, step-by-step what he does in order to sell millions of dollors worth of product via webinar, podcast and on stage. Although these are the primary vehicles Russell uses to deliver his message, you can in fact use these techniques in any form of sales, such as in person or even if you’re doing door-to-door sales. Using his techniques you can literally 10X your income.

So, in answer to the question, “is there a free ebook PDF download, well, I’m afraid there isn’t.

Reasons Why There Is No Free PDF Downloadable eBook for 10X Secrets

10X Secrets is a video course

The first reason that there is no free PDF ebook to download of Russell’s new product is that the course is all on video.

10X Secrets is a very in-depth course packed full of dynamite content. To get this material across, you need to see and hear Russell as he shows you his pitch and demonstrates his techniques.

Part of giving a powerfully effective presentation is in the tonality, tempo and timing of how you deliver your message. So, to get this understanding you need to watch the videos and listen to exactly how Russell gives his speech.

10X Secrets ain’t free

The information Russell has put together in his 10X Secrets course is a combination of years of his knowledge he has gained from experience coupled with the absolute dynamite speech he gave at the 10X Growth Conference in 2018. Russell has worked long and hard for this knowledge so he ain’t gonna just be giving it away for free.

This is the exact information and structure that Russell has used himself time and again to make $1 million plus from his webinars and over $3 million from his stage presentation in February 2018 at Grant Cardone’s event. Although Russell is not charging much for his 10X Secrets Masterclass course, this information is extremely valuable and can make the people who use it an absolute fortune so you might as well stop looking for freebies on this product right now.

10X Secrets Masterclass Free Bonuses

Russell has also included five great bonuses with the 10X Secrets course, completely free. These bonuses include:

  • The 10X Secrets swipe files
  • Russell’s perfect webinar hacks
  • The perfect webinar funnel
  • Russell’s stroy selling secrets
  • Marketing choreography

Some of these bonuses absolutely could be resold as individual products and I was surprised that Russell is actually giving these away for free.


So, as you can see, Russell is actually giving a hell of a lot of value in his new course, which is one of the reason’s there is no free PDF ebook for folks to download. Besides this, the material really needs to be delivered in video format as it is also as much about how Russell uses his words as what he actually says.

If you want to know more about Russell Brunson’s 10X Secrets Masterclass course, how much it costs and how you can get your hands on a copy, you can get all the info you need here.

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