Russell Brunson onstage at Grant Cardone's 10x Growth Con, which lead to his new product, 10x SecretsOkay, everyone, it’s just happened, Russell Brunson and his team over at Clickfunnels have just released their long-anticipated product, 10x Secrets.

10x Secrets promises to be an absolute game-changer for entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO’s, podcasters and, well, pretty much anyone who wants to sell anything!

If you have an audience online or if you speak to hundreds or thousands of people at events then you need to get 10x Secrets. Even if your selling method is door-to-door, one-to-one or telesales, 10x Secrets can absolutely revolutionise your business and make you a fat load of cash.

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What is 10x Secrets?

10x Secrets is the amazing selling secrets of the world’s number one highest paid speaker, Russell Brunson.

Russell Brunson is an entrepreneur, online marketer and founder/owner of DotComSecrets and Clickfunnels, besides other highly popular products. Both these products alone have transformed the lives and businesses of thousands of people all over the world.

In March 2018 Russell was invited to speak at Grant Cardone’s 10x Growth Conference in Las Vegas. Russell had 90 minutes and a secret agenda to sell $3 million of his number one product, Clickfunnels, to the audience. Russell’s presentation and the sales pitch were rehursed, choreographed and tweaked down to the smallest degree and enabled him to sell $3.2 million of Clickfunnels as a result of that pitch.

Now, Russell and his team have sat down and video’d every tiny detail of his sales pitch, walking you through step-by-step EXACTLY what he did and said at every step and why.

They have compiled every inch and detail of his script, his selling techniques and calls to action and put it together in one masterclass product they call, 10x Secrets Masterclass.

People who have already been using Russell’s 10x Secrets sales pitch method have already replicated similar results that have resulted in them selling thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars of their product using Russell’s method.

Find out more about Russell Brunson’s 10x Secrets masterclass here.

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