SteveHello and welcome to 10x secrets Review, my name is Steve and I am an online marketer¬† from the UK. I have been in the online marketing space since 2013 and have had varying success ofver the years. I first stated out with affiliate marketing. However, the early years were tough as there’s just so much to learn when it comes to affiliate marketing. You really need ot aquirea large skill set and be disciplined and consistent to make good money with affiliate marketing. So, while I was learning my trade I also started doing local client SEO as this is a much easier way to make money from your online efforts.

After a while, my agency became successful and I had a growing protfolio of clients that I would help with their online marketing (mainly SEO) needs.

I now no longer do client SEO and all of my online marketing efforts focus on affiliate marketing, which was my dream from the beginning.

I came across Russell Brunson’s Clickfunnels product in 2016 and have used it to promote various products. Clickfunnels is an absolutely fantastic bit of kit that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to build their online income and scale up their business. I know from experience that Russell Brunson’s products are of a very high standard so I’m always keen to check out his latest products when they come out. So, when I heard that Russell was soon to launch his new product, 10x Secrets I decided to start this review site so I can research the product and feed back valuable information to my site visitors.

Whishing you all the best in business!


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