Russell Brunson onstage at Grant Cardone's 10x Growth Con, which lead to his new product, 10x SecretsThere is a lot of buzz on the internet at the moment around entrepreneur, Russell Brunson and his success at the recent 10X Growth Con that was held in February 2018. As a result of that one conference, Russell was able to make over $3 million dollars in just ninety minutes!

If you’ve been in the internet marketing world for more than five minutes or if you’re an entrepreneur or salesperson looking for ways to scale your business and multiply your income then you may have already heard of Russell’s new 10X Secrets Masterclass course that came about as a result of that conference held earlier in the year by fellow entrepreneur, Grant Cardone.

As part of the awesome 10X Secrets sales course, Russell is also giving away his Perfect Webinar Script as part of the package. So, what exactly is the Perfect Webinar script?

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What Is The Perfect Webinar Script?

The Perfect Webinar script is the exact script that Russell Brunson has used time and again to sell millions online.

Each time Russell goes on to a webinar to speak, to train and to pitch a product he ALWAYS structures exactly what he is going to say and how he is going to say it around a very specific script. This script is responsible for him making upwards of $1 million dollars from each of his webinars. That’s right, I said EACH WEBINAR! So, this script has netted him multiple millions of dollars in sales over the years from the webinars that he has appeared on. Pretty phenomenal!

So, if you run webinars or are planning to run webinars as part of your business then it’s highly likely that Russell’s script can absolutely sky-rocket your business.

How effective is Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar script?

So far at the time of writing this, Russell has done over one hundred webinars and generated more than $100 million dollars selling his highly popular Clickfunnels product.

Russell has now shared his Perfect Webinar script with students who attended his 10X Secrets Masterclass event earlier in the year. Many of those students have gone on to massively scale their income using Russell’s script.

How can I get access to the Perfect Webinar script?

As I mentioned earlier, Russell Brunson has included the Perfect Webinar script in session two of his 10X Secrets Masterclass course. So, all you’d need to do is purchase a copy of this course and you will get access to this script as part of your purchase.

Russell has made the whole process so simple that you could literally just make a few tiny adjustments to his script to insert your product and repeat it online during your events.

By having Russell’s Perfect Webinar script literally takes out all the guess-work and saves you hundreds of hours (and dollars) trying to figure it out on your own.

Let’s face it, not every single person that attends a webinar is going to buy your product, even if it is hosted by someone as skilful at sales as Russell Brunson. That’s just a fact. However, with the right script and a little practice, anyone can make a huge difference to the number of webinar attendees they gue to actually take action and buy their products and services.

Russell’s script is so effective and for the man himself, he’s got it so polished that he gets the majority of his customers actually taking action immediately and buying form him straight away. As for the others who don’t take action on the spot, he’s also got a killer follow-up process that gets a good percentage of those folks to take action and buy at some point in the future. And before you ask, yes, Russell has also included this follow-up sequence in the Perfect Webinar script section of 10X Secrets Masterclass too!

Having it all mapped out for you will save you hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and get you reaching your income dream far quicker.

To find out more about the Perfect Webinar Script, click here.

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