A picture of Russell Brunson the owner of 10x Secrets and ClickfunnelsRussell Brunson is one of the most successful online marketers in the industry today. Russell is best known for founding the extremely successful software company, Clickfunnels along with many other products such as DotComSecrets, Expert Secrets, Marketing In Your Car and Software Secrets, to name just a few.

Russell has been marketing from a young age and in his early 20’s was earning thousands of dollars per month from his affiliate sites. One of his early successful affiliate sites was actually selling potato guns. Fastforward14 years and Russell is now worth around $40 million.

Russell has amassed a huge following of entrepreneurs, internet marketers and salespeople across the globe. His success is staggering and many of his clients have also become millionaires by using the strategies he teaches and the software he creates.


His most successful product to date is Clickfunnels, a marketing software system that creates landing pages and sales funnels in order to sell products for all kinds of businesses. Russell claims that by using his Clickfunnels a company is able to 10x their profits within a year if set up correctly.

Affiliate Bootcamp

Since Russell got his start in affiliate marketing he has mastered the art over the years. He had an affiliate training program called Affiliate Bootcamp that he actually gives away for free to affiliates promoting his Clickfunnels product. This affiliate course is ticketed at $997, but Russell believes in equipping his army of affiliates with the right knowledge and tools in order to successfully sell and market the Clickfunnels product. Russell believes in doing everything he can to help his affiliates become successful so, in turn, he will also become more successful by growing the revenue of Clickfunnels.

10x Secrets

Russell’s latest product is called 10x Secrets and is set to launch to the general public in November 2018. The 10x Secrets product came about after Russell was asked to speak at Grant Cardone’s 10x Growth Conference in Las Vagas in February 2018. Russell was given ninety minutes to explain how and why Clickfunnels will help business owners and entrepreneurs to 10x their profits within one year. However, Russell also had a hidden agenda. During the lead up to the event, Russell and his team had been working on a high-level speech expertly crafted to sell with the aim to sell $3 million of Clickfunnels product. After Russell’s speech, he had actually managed to sell $3.2 million on Clickfunnels product. The sales statistics showed that of the 9,000 people listening to Russell’s speech, a staggering one in nine people bought Clickfunnels afterwards.

Following the massive success of his speech, Russell then decided to tell everyone exactly what he did in his speech that caused such a large number of people to take action and buy his product. Russell has now put this information into a course that he calles10x Secrets and will be available for purchase very soon.

Below is a great video of Tai Lopez interviewing Russell Brunson about Clickfunnels.

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